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I Am Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving

You see what I mean? This is a daily occurrence and not something that only happens on the last Thursday of November. Guys, have you given thanks to God above for just those simple things that happen and you don’t even notice?

Being The Best Father You Can Be – Responsibility

Being the Best Father

Guys, I am here today to get to the first of three things we as dads/fathers need to know to be the best that we can be. It is not an easy task to be a dad and even harder when we are going at it blindly. Yet do not loose hope, for there is an instruction book already prepared for you by the best author ever. Today we will cover a topic that we all need to hear about and take responsibility of.

Do You Have Lego Words?

Do You Have Lego Words?

What dad out there has not walked through his son’s room and not stepped on a Lego brick? Yes, the best way to bring out your true feeling in the middle of the night is for a kid’s Lego bucket to be scattered around on the floor. They are small, the colors blend in to…

Fatherhood ~ What Are You Passing? Part 2

Fatherhood ~ What Are You Passing?

Guys, my heart has been heavy on the role of a father and what the responsibilities of a father are recently. Today is a second part of the “What Are You Passing?” series. Fatherlessness One of the biggest issues that we, as a society, face today is the issue of fatherlessness. There are exceptions of…

I Am Not Ashamed to Be a Dad! – Part 5

Why Me Men's Conference - 2013 - Not Ashamed

Jesus taught us how to teach.  He taught us that deep spiritual living comes through modeling and through hands-on training. This is where I think youth groups and Christian schools can kill us. So many parents believe that they can pass off their children to a charismatic youth leader.  These kind of parents try to do the “drop off discipleship” and they kick their kids out of the car and say “Have a good time and learn something”.  They’re shocked when they have invested $100,000 in a private school and their child is rebellious.

What Do You Want To Be?

Hey guys, do you remember being asked this big question as you were growing up? What do you want to be? As kids many of us wanted to be like our dad. I know I did. I wanted to be the fireman that he was, I wanted to be the farmer he was, and I wanted to be the man he was. Yet when we stop and look at ourselves now, did we become what we wanted to be?

Got The Time?

Got The Time?

Hey guys, got the time? I have been camping and geocaching the past few days and had a blast with my family and friends. There are few things that can compare with camping, cooking, caching and comrodery.

Fresh Breath of Life?

Fresh Breath of Life

Dad, are you feeling stale, drained, or like you need a fresh breath of life? You know we go through our lives at times as though auto-pilot has been engaged. We come home, hug the wife, smile at the kids, eat dinner, piddle in the garage or outside, come in and put the kids to…

Why Do I Homeschool?

Why Homeschool?

I am at times asked why we have decided to home school our kids. Before we started, I needed to ask myself the question, “Why should we homeschool?” To be honest about it, there is a huge monetary commitment, a huge time commitment, it is not easy and to the world we appear to be backwards! So why?