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Pork On The Run

The Possible Pork Possessors

Now to catch a greased pig is much harder than it sounds. The next time that you are sitting around the house with nothing else to do, take some crisco and slather it on your neighbors cat and then run at the cat while screaming and try to catch the fleeing feline.

Brownie Cheesecake Celebration!

Behold! I pass along to you the THM Brownie Cheesecake (S)!! My good people, let this day be one that will be etched into your mind for all future cheesecake cravings. The day that you found a Trim Healthy Mama Brownie Cheesecake that you can enjoy with your friends, or quietly by yourself.

Trying To Get The Grill Going?

This weekend there have been and will be many guys out there trying to get the grill going. Inevitably there will be those who can simply look at the grill and the flames leap to life and then there are those of us, who do everything according to the instructions and still do not get…

Let’s Meet Penny…

Today I received the privilege to be a guest blogger on another site. I ask that you be so kind to head over to MeetPenny.com and check out the blog post on the Teach Them Diligently Men’s Breakfast. While you are doing that go ahead and look through her site and check out all that she…

Looking for Real Refreshment?

Dads, does your wife need some real refreshment in homeschooling? Then you need to check this event out. The Real Refreshment conference will be in Atlanta and Baltimore this coming year. My wife has attended this event for the past 2 years and has found it to be a real refreshment. It is something that…

We Camped

We Camped

We setup, we ate and we camped! In preparation of the upcoming Geocaching Mega Event at Roosevelt State Park, the kids and I wanted to make sure that everything was ready for camping. This of course meant setting everything up and testing out all the equipment to ensure the safety and proper usage of everything.…


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