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Pork On The Run

The Possible Pork Possessors

Now to catch a greased pig is much harder than it sounds. The next time that you are sitting around the house with nothing else to do, take some crisco and slather it on your neighbors cat and then run at the cat while screaming and try to catch the fleeing feline.

Trying To Get The Grill Going?

This weekend there have been and will be many guys out there trying to get the grill going. Inevitably there will be those who can simply look at the grill and the flames leap to life and then there are those of us, who do everything according to the instructions and still do not get…

The Expert

There are many things that I have to do as an engineer at seem impossible. Many times these are the people who I get the honor of working with. It is as though one of my project meetings have just been recorded.

Dishes Anyone? PTDD

Post Traumatic Dishwashing Disorder

There is a new disorder that has been diagnosed recently but is not receiving the necessary publicity that it deserves. Therefore, I am bring it to your attention now. It is call Post Traumatic Dishwashing Disorder (PTDD).

Too Much Technology?

For those who know me this would seem like the ultimate contradiction! The day when I would question if we are surrounded by too much technology. Cell phones, smart phones, iPads, Kindles, tablets of all types, bluetooth gadgets, computers, laptops, game systems and everything wireless, everywhere you look there it is! In the livingroom, kitchen,…

The Playground Ritual Continues

I am sure that everyone growing up has either heard or participated in the “My daddy is better than your daddy” contest. You know the one where some kid is proud of his father and believes deep down that his dad is the ultimate dad of all dads and is ready to point it out…