Pay $25 and Get???

Vision Forum had a deal not to long ago for a Mystery Product Box for only $25. Well this husband of a homeschooling mom likes Vision Forum and said “Ohhh Yeah! Everybody chip in $5!” So last week we all did just that and have been waiting in eager anticipation for our box to arrive. Daily the boys would ask “Did it come yet?? Where is it?? Wonder what we will get??”

Well today was the day of delivery! Silently my wife snuck upstairs to my office with the package and asked if I wanted to open it. This is when I had to hold on to my sarcastic remark that nearly blasted out of my mouth:

“Nope, just leave it on the corner there and we will all look at it and guess what is inside.”

Of course I quickly politely took the box and started to open it. But then the motherly instinct kicked in and she asked if I should wait for the kids. So, I waited for them to arrive. One at a time! We looked at the box and was thinking well for $25 it’s kind of small.

But within the box there was a nice surprise!

Mystery is Solved

Mystery is Solved

  1. CD – Gossip : The Plague of the Church ~ By Scott Brown
  2. CD – Fathers & Daughters : Why Every Father is Leaving a Legacy ~ Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr. (This one is mine!)
  3. DVD – The League of Grateful Sons : Home. Heroes. Generations. : A true story from the fait of our fathers project
  4. DVD – The Promise : The BEAUTY and POWER of the FIFTH COMMANDMENT ~ Douglas W. Phillips
  5. Book – Beloved Bride : The Letters of Sontewall Jackson to His Wife ~ Bill Potter
  6. Book – The Importance of the Electoral College ~ Dr. George Grant
  7. Book – Building a Winning Curriculum : How to Use Vision Forum Product to Build a Winning Homeschool Curriculum ~ Dorys Lee Horn
  8. Sbat Gear – Paracord Belt ~

Now, I am not a deal hunting, super tight with the money, coupon shopping person, but I think we got our money’s worth! I think the next time that Vision Forum does a mystery box, this husband of a homeschooling mom will be getting it again!

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