P is for Promises


“I promise guys, we will do that tomorrow”

How many times have we as dads and husbands said that little phrase and never done it? I know what you were meaning, I have said it many times as well. It is part of the unspoken dad lingo that exist just for us. Yet, to our kids and wife, this is a promise. A promise that we so many times break.

What is your word, honor or trust worth to you dad? That is a serious question to ask yourself. It is also a painful question to answer when you think of your promises that you make and break. Your kids trust that dad is not going to lie and when he says that tommorrow we are going to play ball, fish or simply hang out together they believe you totally. When tomorrow comes and goes and the event did not happen, your kids loose some faith and trust in dad. Over time, this can build up and cause problems between you and them.

If you were to ask my wife the number of things that I have said that I will do around the house and are still not done, she could give you a loooooong list. Over time it has even made her not want to mention things to me because she already knows the outcome. This is again a thing that plaues many husbands out there. We promise or give a nod of the head to agree to do something and it never happens.

There is only so much that can be worked into the 24 hours that exist in a day. Many times we have the time and ability to do the things we are asked to do or that we say we will do. Yet, we put those things over to the side and do what we want to do. We satisfy our wants and if our wants come inline with what we have said we will do, then it is a tripple letter score day for us. When the reality of it all is that we should stay true to our word and keep our promises. It can be hard to stick to what we say we will do. It may involve us going to a place we don’t want to, spending time with a not so favorite person or taking us out of our comfort zone in some way. But I would rather be out of my comfort zone for a short time so I can keep the trust of my kids and wife for a long time! Remember dads and husbands of homeschooling moms out there, we only get one shot at this, let’s make it count. I promise you that it will be worth it!

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