Where Are You Dad?

Where Are You Dad?

I have been asked that question over the past months. Where is the Husband of a Homeschooling Mom? Did he quit? Did he disappear? Did he send his kids to a public school? I am still alive and I have not quit, nor have I disappeared and I surely have not sent my kids to a public school. I am just doing what I have been preaching on this blog for almost three years now. I am being the dad, and to do that it takes time away from some things in life.

Your words will be a gift your kids will carry with them the rest of their lives. What words will you say over time? When will you spend the time with your kids to speak the words, show the words, or live the words? There are times when we consider things in our life important. To me, doing this blog is very important. However, it does not rank up there ahead of my family time and time with my wife. Men, if you did not know there is a difference in family time and wife time, I have a blog for that coming up soon (check back). I needed to be there and be involved and I am proud to say that I have been.

But, where are you dad? Where are you to your kids? Where are you to your wife? Are you just residing in the house or are you involved with the home? Are you working together through the problems when they occur in the family or are you being pulled along and family life is passing you by? Here is some reality for you – When it is all over and your life has come to an end, where were you for your family? What will they say? If you really want to know, ask them now – today – and find out where you are dad. It could hurt, but it could also change a life!

As for me, I am with my family more. I am still learning how to be a dad, a man, a husband to a homeschooling mom, a shepherd to my flock at home and a pastor at my church. I am leaning on Jesus Christ more and more. And I am finding that is directly related to the other things getting better.

I am still alive,
I am still here,
I am still The Husband of a Homeschooling Mom!

Steve Blackston

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