Well here we go!

Here we are again. Mom (the dear wife) and I have returned back to Spartanburg, South Carolina for another outstanding Teach Them Diligently conference. Last year mom talked me into making the trip here to see what it was all about. Upon leaving the conference I had a new outlook on homeschooling and an even deeper respect toward mom!

This year we return to Spartanburg with eager anticipation for what all we may learn from the vast resources of knowledge at the TTD Conference. However, instead of making the drive here on Thursday, she talked me into coming a day early. You know the talk, “We can take our time and drive up. We can even do some sight seeing before the conference starts.” Tell me what homeschooling mom does not do sightseeing and call it a field trip or continuing education?

So far the sightseeing has been a trip to The Container Store! I know I don’t strictly watch everything that is taught in the home, but I think I am safe in saying that there was not a class on The Container Store. But there was a need to purchase a hobby box that was perfect to hold the counting blocks for our 4 year old. Our two older boys just enjoyed riding the escalator up and down!

So for the husbands out there of homeschooling moms, I offer this advice. Leave early, drive where she wants to go, let her sleep on the way and enjoy the meals she made prior to coming for you to eat while there. Tonight was brunswick stew with cornbread all cooked in a jar. Strange yet delightful. She gives daily while teaching, so you can give some by making the trip just a bit more enjoyable for her before she scrambles her brain listening to everyone and looking at every item in every booth and taking to every vendor. And remember, your lucky to be a husband of a homeschooling mom!


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