Book Review ~ The Hands-On Dad:The Father’s Role In Christian Home Education

by Rick Boyer

by Rick Boyer

I have not read many books that have said things like I found in this book!  Straight to the point and with true heartfelt convictions, author, Rick Boyer of Character Concepts lays the truth out before you.  Covering topics such as dads being the provider, protector, teacher, disciplinarian and many more, Boyer shows biblical reasoning for dads to lead in the family.

He gives examples of how his life, not perfect, has changed over his beginnings in homeschooling and being a dad to becoming more involved in his kids life and education.

So a father is to exhort his children, to encourage them, to call to them, to be right beside them as they face each new challenge. This is quite a rebuke to the father who has chosen a hob that keeps him away from home much of the time or who, like me, tends to get distracted among many different responsibilities and sometimes overlooks priorities.(pg. 22)

Boyer also gives great advice to dads on how to partner with their wives to advance the home school agenda in their own homes. In a chapter on leadership, he cover such questions as :

  • How shall we educate our children?
  • What are our standards of behavior?
  • What church shall we attend?
  • How involved shall we be in church?
  • How will we conduct the spiritual training of our children?

I’ve heard parents wonder aloud why their kids have had certain problems, saying, “We always took them to church.”  But going to church doesn’t make a child a disciple of Jesus any more than going to a dairy makes him a cow.  Training your child means teaching him something, not taking him somewhere for someone else to teach. (pg. 54)

Boyer’s wit and blunt honesty will make any dad stop and think about how his leadership and involvement in his kid’s life are making an impact.  He finishes off the book with a note to the dads reading the book, which is something that every dad needs to see.

Thanks for withstanding the criticism of those around you for educating your children at home. Sometimes the opposition comes from the people who are important to you. You can’t always…(pg. 154)

Once you pick this quick read up, you will be wanting to finish it and read it again to go back and highlight points for your use. I would highly recommend this book to all the husbands of homeschooling moms out there or those thinking about entering the homeschooling arena!  The book may comes in paperback and may be purchased from

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