I Quit!

I Quit Homeschooling

I Quit Homeschooling


That is it!  I have had all the homeschooling that I want in my house. I am tired of the books everywhere, I’m tired of science experiments strewn about the house, and I am just tired of homeschooling. There seems to be things happening everyday! My kids are always having to read, do reports, or some other activity. The wife and I quit. We are tried and we feel like we are failing. There has to be a better solution than this. We have tried everything that we could, sorry to let you all down. But it is to hard. We quit.

The schedule is constantly changing. The co-op people are not doing what is supposed to be done. The science experiment is not going right and the counter has a new stain from where the experiment overflowed. The growing collection of library books on the table is becoming overdue and was no help in getting the experiment done.

The table…The table is another issue just by its self! We have not seen our table in months! There is a pile of books, papers, and residual science experiments on the table. This was the table that we would eat our meals at each night and talk about our day. Now we avoid it as though it will force us to do some work, write a report, or take a test. I’m done! I want my table back! I quit!

The work never seems to end. The kids are just not getting it. They read everything and say that they understand exactly what to do, but the test shows otherwise. It’s 8:00 at night and one kid is just now finishing his math that he has stared at for the past 6 hours! I am tired, the wife is tired, the kids are tired. We quit!

Goonies and Homeschoolers Never Quit!

Guys, has any of those words every crossed your lips or ran through your mind? If so, you are normal. No one ever said that homeschooling is easy. No one ever said that there would not be challenges, trials, and confusion along the way. There are times when you feel as though you are caught between a rock and a hard place. Think of it this away. Just as Moses when leading the Israelites from Egypt was caught between the Egyptian Army and the Red Sea; there are times when you are caught between “reality homeschooling” and “planned homeschooling”. The plan is in front of you, but the reality is chasing after you, and is ready to attack.

However, something cool happens in this story. Moses listens and does as he is told and the Red Sea in front of him parts open and the Israelites are able to cross on dry ground. The Egyptian Army is still in pursuit and follows them into the parted Sea. Upon getting to the other side of the Sea, Moses then turns and, again doing as he is told, stretches out his hand and the Sea returns to normal. The Egyptian Army is crushed and drown. The Israelites have a huge party and rejoice.

The moral of todays story boys and girls, is to stop and listen to the one that should be directing you in the first place in your homeschooling and life. I know that in this house, if I and Nichole are not where we should be spiritually, physically, and emotionally, our homeschool will not be where it should be. Guys and gals ( I know you read this also), listen to God and let him part the hard things in front of you. Let Him surprise you in your homeschooling and you will not be saying “I quit”!

Lastly, if you are struggling in your homeschooling, let me direct you to a great resource. Teach Them Diligently has a blog site that has some real good resources for homeschooling parents. Also next year there will be four different Teach Them Diligently homeschool conventions! This is where I really had my eyes opened to the work of homeschooling. Guys, you could score some major points by surprising your wife with a trip to the conventions. If you come to the Atlanta convention, you may be able to squeeze into my session. Hope to see you there.

Till next time…
I’m just a husband of a homeschooling mom,

Steve Blackston

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