The Gap

Men, when was the last time that you stood in the gap? Now I am not talking about the retail store, I am talking about the spot where you were needed. Those last minute fixes, ensuring that something is done, doing what it takes to make it work, THAT gap. Let’s talk about it.

Many times as a man we inherit things from our wives, kids, or job that we did not see coming. You are suddenly the creator of dinners, fixer of toys, that one person that turns in the report. Other people are not able to fill in that gap, and it is left up to us as the men.

At the end of the book of Ezekiel in chapter 22:30, God makes the statement that He searched for a man among the people to repair the wall and stand in the gap before Him so He would not destroy the land. Sadly enough He said that He found no one.

Fill the Gap!

Guys it is our job to stand in the gap! Here’s what I am meaning. Help around the house, be the dad to your kids that God has called you to be, be that person that is willing to go above and beyond what is “required” of you. Be the dad who is ready to take a subject and teach it in the homeschool. Be the one who is willing to push yourself to the limit and then, go a bit further.

Most people have used this great invention called “Great Stuff” by Dow. This spray foam comes in a can and when you spray it out, it expands to an unbelievable size as it flows into all the cracks and crevices. Not only does it spread out, it hardens and stays there filling in the gaps and cracks. Men, your family needs you to be some great stuff and fill in the gaps! It will be harder to do than simply spraying something out of a can, but the rewards will last longer you can imagine.

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