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This is an update from Teach Them Diligently and I am just wanting to pass it along to anyone who may be affected by the changes!

It is Time to Plan for When This is Over… 

Many of you saw new artwork publish on the website and our Facebook group pages…and, now it is time to make it official. Yes, we are moving our events in Mobile and Columbus to July. We are also keeping our event in Georgia on the same date with no changes. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel Denver without re-scheduling. 

As you can imagine, these decisions were not made lightly or without being bathed in prayer. We understand that they may cause inconvenience for some, but we really were not able to confidently plan and promote the May events, and the Lord directed to move them out of the danger zone.  

We are moving forward in confidence that by the time we get to June and July that the country will be open again. I am sure that your family is getting as anxious as we are to move forward beyond the shut down. 

Therefore, I believe it is time to take a few active steps. 

Pray that things will start opening up in the US again. From jobs to stores to Churches to state parks, join us in praying that the country wisely but confidently starts to move again. We are actually planning a weekly prayer time to focus on these things together! Each Sunday evening as part of our Sunday Night Email, we will send a few specific prayer prompts for all of our families to focus on together. Move forward with at least planning on getting together this summer. One of the points that all of this has illuminated is just how much we all need each other. Digital interaction helps but it is no substitute for physically meeting together. It became apparent that the May events were all in the danger zone for us to be able to physically get together, so with the encouragement of the venues, we are moving our events to later in the summer to try to ensure that we’ll be able to physically get together. We know this is a major change of dates, but we ask you to at least circle these dates on your calendar. Plan on being there. 
Couple of final points, if you had a registration for the May dates in Mobile and Columbus, we have moved your registration forward, so you don’t need to re-register or do anything to keep your registration. In Georgia, there is no change. For Denver, expect a direct email specifically about what we are doing for that event. 

The hotel partners will be the same. We are waiting for new links for the hotels, which could take a while since many of the hotel staff that we work with have been furloughed during this time. We will do our best to give you the most up to date information as we get closer to these new events.

Lastly, we are reducing prices…for all of our remaining events (Georgia, Mobile, and Columbus) by $20 and reducing the Children’s Program back to pre-January levels. We pray this is a help to many families, and we hope you will share these new rates with your friends and invite them to join us for these June and July events. It’s going to be AMAZING to gather together again.

Family Registration……………………….$65
Individual Registration…………………..$45
Single Day Registration………………….$45

Children’s Program……………………….$50

Teach Them Diligently events are always blessed times of fellowship that feel more like family reunions than conventions. We expect these Summer gatherings to be even sweeter now that we more fully understand the blessing of community. We can’t wait to see you there!
Our family is looking forward to seeing you all very soon!
David Nunnery
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Email dated 4/15/2020

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