Are You Burned Out Dad?

Hey dads, hope that you are ready to face a new week and all the challenges that it has to offer. But I got to ask you, “Are you burned out dad?” I know it is the beginning of a new week, we should all be on the top of our “game”, but are you burned out? Are you already tired, nerves on end, ready to snap someones head off? If so, lets talk about that.

Burned Out?

Are you burned out dad?

“Burned Out?”

This past week we experienced a nice little fireworks show in our own house. The homeschooling mom was working on dinner and noticed a funny glow in the oven. Upon opening the door, smoke and a strange noise started spewing forth. The broiler element had finally burned out and broke in half! It produced a rather cool looking blueish-green light as it continued to separate. Once we flipped the breaker and killed the flow of electricity to the oven, everything went dark and the show was over. We were able to find a new piece online and shipped it to the house for $17.00 and now we are cooking again! Does not sound to spectacular at first, but let’s look at that.

Notice in the beginning that everything looked fine. There was no alarm, no sign, no warning lights telling me that something was about to burn out. Many times in life, we as the leaders of our house, will not share or talk to our wives and do not show any sign of a problem till it is too late. Just like that broiler element, we as men will continue to work without any problem and then we burn out! Guys, take the time to talk to your wife and let her in on the inside of your Superman exterior. Let her know what is eating at you, pressuring you, or causing you frustration.

Secondly there was a light show and smoke coming out when we opened the door. Many times when we as men finally burn out, there is a similar show taking place. We spew out all kinds of ill-tempered, not nice, and burning words at those close to us. Our words can be as dangerous as the element that was burning in half and dripping in the oven. The effects can be just as painful emotional with our words as they would be physically if I touched the element when it was melting. Guys, if you are melting down or burning out, do not take it out on your wife or kids!

Finally once we found the source of the problem we were able to stop it. With the oven, I had to turn off the breaker so the melting element and smoke could stop. Men, in our life we know the things that are causing us to burn out and melt down. We know the issues and think that we are tough enough to handle it and that we do not need any help. I for one will admit that I need help. I need help from my wife, my kids, but mostly from God. I need help to find, admit, and fix or remove myself from the problem. God is just the person that I need for that. He is able to bring the problems to light, forgive me, and then restore me back to a good working order.

Men I feel the pains that you do as the leader of my house. It can be a tough row to hoe at time, but help is available if you want it. Being married, as I am, I have been given a helpmeet to share the troubles, joys, and adventures in life. And even when she is available, there is a God who will make all things new and put me back on a restorative path so I can be of use again. Before it is too late guys, ask yourself “Are You Burned Out?”

Till next time…
I’m just a Husband of a Homeschooling Mom,

Steve Blackston

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