Turning Around

Dad, how are you hanging?
I have recently done something that some people call dangerous, or incredibly stupid, or say that “You’ll put your eye out!”, but I call good! I have taken up a hobby. You know, something else to steal away the overwhelming amount of spare time that I have in my life as a dad. Wood turning! YES, the art and skill of producing a bowl, handle, or other object from piece of wood-turning at high speeds. So far, I am still in possession of my fingers. There are a few bruises and splinters, but everything works.

I was out turning a bowl the other day and as I started the process, I noticed something. When the wood is not perfectly round, and you are spinning it at 500 RPM, you start seeing a distorted or ghosted image. You will start seeing what is not there. That can cause problems if you are not careful! If you put your tool to far into the area where there is no wood for that 1/1000 of a second and suddenly there is wood, it can cause a nasty kick back. This could cause a gash in your work, a broken tool, or a piece of wood flying at you! All three of these options could also happen at one time! None of which are a good option.

I was thinking as I watched this, it is the same with us dad. We are there on the front line of parenthood. Watching, protecting, working, and providing for the family. However when we turn around and leave, that void appears. The others in the family are assuming that you are still there keeping a diligent watch. They proceed, thinking that dad is there, and suddenly there is a gash in your family, a break in a relationship, or words and accusations flying. Some can be easily fixed, others can not.

Life is spinning around us so fast dad that it is hard to keep up. I admit that there are times I am about ready to scream! Nevertheless, it is our job to be watching, guiding, and protecting our family. It can be tough. Chunks will be thrown at you, you may get splinters, you may even be the one hit by flying objects. But that is your job!

You stay at your post dad! Keep watching after the family. Use the tools that God has given you. Keep shaping and watching out for the ghosting effect in your family and you. Continue to work them like a piece of wood on a lathe till they are good and round. Then you will have something to look back on and be proud.

8″ Hickory Bowl with beetle holes

Till next time…
I’m just a husband of a homeschooling mom,

Steve Blackston

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