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Dishes Anyone? PTDD

Post Traumatic Dishwashing Disorder

There is a new disorder that has been diagnosed recently but is not receiving the necessary publicity that it deserves. Therefore, I am bring it to your attention now. It is call Post Traumatic Dishwashing Disorder (PTDD).

Man Vs. Kitchen

With all the “reality” shows out there, someone has finally had enough and started having some fun… Jostie Flicks are a collection of short films that are made by a christian homeschooling family. If you get a chance, check out more of Jostie Flicks on their website.

When Monday (Or Rams) Attacks…

Hey guys, Have you ever had one of those days where your just attacked? It’s Monday morning and you are making your move on the week! Your moving forward and then from out of no where, everything tries to fall apart or some angry mountain ram just stops you in your tracks! Ever felt that…

It’s A Dad’s Life

What is your life like guys? Are you the chauffeur, gardener, grill master extraordinaire? Does your yard look better than all the neighbors? Do you pride yourself in the way you look and dress? Is your “Man Cave” maxed out with all the best audio and visual equipment that money can buy? If so, check…

The Playground Ritual Continues

I am sure that everyone growing up has either heard or participated in the “My daddy is better than your daddy” contest. You know the one where some kid is proud of his father and believes deep down that his dad is the ultimate dad of all dads and is ready to point it out…

Musical Monday

Musical Monday

The first day of the work week is now Musical Monday! Monday is usually a day that most people hate to see arive! It sort of creeps out of the night and wakes you up early on…yeah, Monday! But, according to the Mamas & The Papas, Monday mornings are so good to me! However, most…

From Cartoons Come Great Things!

Rube Goldberg

Todays “WHAT IS THIS?” is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It is called a Rube Goldberg Machine. A Rube Goldberg Machine or contraption, invention or contraption is an overly engineered contrapton to do a simple daily task. Having an engineering background, I could see myself attempting to do something like this.[youtube…

Same Fruit…New Way

Apple like a boss, new way to eat apple

During my lunch I found something rather strange while perusing through the internet. As I was about to bite into an apple, a video of how to eat an apple appears on the sidebar of my screen. Fate? Luck? (I don’t believe in luck) So it had to be” What is this?” Yes there is…

Not Just a Hat Rack!

I found a site today that had something I just was astounded by. We have all been told to use our heads for something other than a hat rack. Well this fellow did just that and how he does it I don’t know. [youtube]


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