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O is for Only One Time

Am I the only husband out there that has a summer that seems booked up more than normal? Guy’s I don’t know what is going on, but it seems that I am needed somewhere everyday and I am not at home! This is not a good thing after some time. But we all get a…

M is for MY Kids are NOT My Kids

M is for MY Kids are NOT My Kids

I am writing this post in conjunction with Blogging through the Alphabet tonight. Dad’s and husbands of homeschooling mom’s out there, this is going straight to you from my heart.  We have kids and we love them.  We have watched them grow and long to see what they will become in life.  Given the chance…

A Tale of Veggies

Wild Asparagus, roadside weeds, planting asparagus

You know guys, my wife is a great women. She takes care of the kids, teaches the kids, washes the clothes and even does most of the cooking. I have always said that there was not much that I would not do for this lovely lady of mine. Well tonight that was put to the…


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